Lowery’s Youth

Lowery’s baby picture (1929–about 4 months old)
Lowery was born in this house, near Rosebush, Michigan—June 28, 1929. The home was on John T. Lowery, Lowery’s grandfather, farm

Davere, Dwayne and Lowery at Grandpa Lowery’s home. They were Lowery’s cousins
Lowery and Yvonne at Grandpa Lowery’s farm
Lowery, about 10 years old, with Mom
Lowery, about 6
Lowery milking a cow at Oglala. We had three milk cows. Dad milked two and I milked one morning and night. The only milk we had at #5 Day School on the Pine Ridge reservation
David Lowry and John Lowery. They were brothers but spelled their last names differently. They farmed near Rosebush, Michigan less than a mile apart.
Mom graduated from college in 1935 from Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant, Michigan. Education was one of Mom’s top family values.
Manderson barn that was dug into a hillside and built by the grad school boys

Mom and Dad with Sioux outfits at Manderson
Manderson, about 9 miles from Wounded Knee, with the school kids. Lowery in the front row. Camel back butt in the background. Lowery often climbed the Butt.
Luke Big Turnip was an excellent cook in Manderson
Annual Sioux celebrations in Oglala.
Lowery’s elementary school in Oglala. All 8 grades in the one room school. Our highest enrollment in the school was six and the lowest was four.
Mom working with local Sioux woman near Oglala
Badlands near our home at #5 Day School in Oglala. Lowery would often find shark’s teeth in these Badlands.
Dad visiting with Talbert Looking Elk and his family at Oglala–about 1965.  Talbert was a baby on his mother’s back during the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890.  He was a very wise man, was the bus driver who brought the school kids to #5 Day School.  He later became tribal chief on the Pine Ridge reservation




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