1944-1950–Rapid City High School, School of Mines, Oglala

Oglala Public school Lowery went to from 5th to 8th grade. Highest attendance in all 8 grades was 6 students. Lowery learned to tap dance for the Christmas program. School teacher lived in small house in background.

School of Mines best javelin throw–165′
High school best discus throw–134′–4″ short of West River region record in 1947
1947 Rapid City High School annual report on Lowery’s activities.  Nick name, “Louse” came from friends who had never heard of Lowery as a first name so they shortened it.  I was also very shy.
Lowery lettered in 9th grade for football
Front row left–Lowery, Bob Schwartz, Jerry Dowling–Rapid City High School lettermen
Rapid City High School–Lowery is #47
Oglala general store owned by John Linehan and family. John had 6 very attractive daughters. Lowery was in grade school with Kathy, who was a couple grades ahead.
Badlands near #5 Day School near Oglala. Where Lowery got interested in geology and often climbed to find sharks teeth. White Clay creek ran along the tree line in the picture.
Lowery, Ted, Mom, Maribel, Dad at Oglala–1946?
Lowery’s best High school friend killed two weeks after we graduated
Loury is really Lowery as a Pallbearer
Lowery is last student on right side in math class at Rapid City High School
Beard Growing Competition at School of Mines–1950
Lowery J–#25–School of Mines football team, 1950?
Lowery with stocking cap over his eyes during Theta Tau frat initiation
Lowery is in front row, second from right side–track team–1948?
School of Mines campus–1947
Lowery’s first car–1936 Plymouth with a “rumble seat” in back
Walking the streets of Eastern Canada on Doc and Mae’s trip
Jane Beck in 1949 on the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. A trip with Doc and Mae Beck from Michigan, Georgian Bay, Niagara Falls, Quebec City, Nova Scotia. Jane and Lowery got engaged in 1949.
Jane at Niagara Falls on trip with Doc and Mae to Nova Scotia
Lowery doing “plane table” mapping in the Wind River mountains of Wyoming
Rock formation near Casper, Wyoming
Jane visited Lowery from Greeley, CO, where she was attending Colorado State University. The fraternity had a dance called the “cinch buckle T” which was for Theta Tau engineering fraternity.
Some really good friends were members of the Theta Tau fraternity.

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