1950-1960–Ted’s Pics–4-14 years of age, Oglala, Cheyenne Agency, Ft. Thompson

Ted riding in Michigan with cousins

Cheyenne Agency bridge over Missouri River under construction
Ted with first Queenie in Cheyenne Agency
Ted threatening Mom that he will play baseball in the house. Good luck on that!
Ted cuddling with Queenie
Ted’s 7th birthday cake
Dad, Sis and Ted at Niagara Falls
Ted trying to play solidarity with Queenie’s help
Ted and Queenie. Lowery and Sis pictures on fireplace
Ted and Christmas at Ft. Thompson
Ted on his first horse
Dad and Ted with his first horse
Ted and friends doing chin ups on the clothes line
Dad, Ted as alter boy. Jane in lower left
Dad gets his Masters at U of SD, Vermilion with support from Sis, Mom and Ted
Ted in Manistee, MI with aunt Bernice’s dog
Ted and Dad at the Rapid City rainbow trout fish hatchery
Ted checking out football in Oglala
Ted and Sis at Christmas in Ft. Thompson
Dad and Ted, about 4, at Oglala
Ted at 6 in Oglala
Ted riding his horse at Cheyenne Agency
Sis and Ted in the new house in Oglala
Dad and Ted in the Oglala lake. Boat was hand built by Dad and Lowery
Dad and Ted in Rapid City with the concrete dinosaur
Dad and Ted duck hunting in Oglala lake
Dad and Ted at the Belle Isle zoo near Detroit, MI



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