1950–Lowery & Jane’s Wedding, Honeymoon & Laramie, WY

Sis and Lowery on our way to Hollywood for Lowery’s wedding
Dad and Sis helping Lowery get ready for the wedding

Dad was Best Man at Lowery’s wedding
Sister, Marge, was Jane’s maid of honor
Jane on her wedding day
Prior to wedding Lowery and Jane were interviewed on ABC radio and asked about our meeting and experiences around the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation—June 15, 1950
During the radio interview the announcer gave Lowery and Jane “Indian war clubs/bats” to settle any arguments we may have
Leaving the ABC radio interview at the Knickerbocker Hotel for the Little Country Church in Hollywood
Limousine ride to the wedding church
Wedding church–Little Country church in Hollywood–Dad is Best Man, Marge (Jane’s sister) is Bride’s maid
Pastor giving Lowery and Jane instructions prior to marriage
Not a very big turnout for the wedding but we did have a “reception line”
Where Lowery and Jane were married
Honeymoon at Laguna Beach, CA
Lowery “bucking ties” at creosoting plant in Laramie, WY while going to summer school at the U of WY
Two Norwegian “Tie Buckers” helped Lowery make highest paid day of $12
Lowery goes to St. Louis, MO to interview for job after graduation. He was offered at job as “field geologist” in Casper, Wyoming with Exxon doing field mapping and well sitting (analyzing drill cutting) for $350 per month.

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