1953-1957–Lowery and Jane in Hibbing

First home–Hibbing, MN at 3222 Outer Drive
Lowery started working with Hercules Powder Company in June, 1953. After a six months training period using explosives all the way from Connecticut to New Mexico the company sent him to sell explosives on the Minnesota Iron Range–Standing from left to right–John Richards (a good friend), ?, Bill Harley, Lowery Smith, ?, ?,–Front row- left to right–?, Emerson McNeil (manager of Duluth division, Wilson, ?
Lowery was a charter member of the Hibbing Toastmaster group in 1953. Fear of Public speaking encouraged Lowery to practice
Blasting on a lake to create a boat channel.
Jane’s art work on the wall of the Androy Hotel in Hibbing
Corky has his own house in Hibbing
Jane, Corky and Lowery
Corky getting a bath in Hibbing
Lowery, Corky, Sherry and Jane in our 1954 (?) Christmas card
Apparently Sherry was tied down to the “pot” and was able to get a hold of a lot of stuff
Jane was working on a mural for the Pacific Isle mining company
1955 Christmas card with Sherry, Jane, Kim, Lowery & Corky
Doc and Ma Mae were frequent visitors to Hibbing and us to Mt. Pleasant
Corky in the second grade–second row, second from left
Sherry and Kim taking a bath in the laundry sink
Sherry, Doc and Corky in Hibbing
Lowery giving Sherry a shower
Two beauties in the bath tub–Sherry and Kim
About 1956–House is painted and a concrete driveway and wooden fence around the lot
Ice fishing in a “dark house” on Upper Red Lake
Duck hunting and fishing openings are highlights of Iron Range activities
Ice skating in our back yard
Rennie and Doc’s birth announcement
Rennie and Doc were born on March 23, 1957 in our home. Lowery was the midwife. They weighed 2 pounds, 11 ounces and 2 pounds 13 ounces. According to Lowery’s memory, Doc was born first.
Rennie and Doc were born at 7 months of pregnancy.  It was remarkable they survived.
Rennie and Doc were on oxygen for several weeks because they were so premature
Doc is on top in the single crib
1957 Smith Christmas card
Second Christmas card fir 1957
Chicken Pox, Mumps, and Measles–all in the same year
Corky isn’t happy about having Mumps
Story time
Balancing act with Corky and Lowery
Jane was in Mrs. Minnesota contest in the Twin Cities in 1958
Jane is in first row on left
Jane learning how to play the dulcimer musical instrument that she got from her parents.
Dinner with Dave and Maribel in the Twin Cities
Rennie and Doc come home from the hospital after six weeks. Lowery delivered Jane’s breast pump milk to the hospital each day
The wagon wheel gate to enter our back yard.
Kim’s birth announcement. Lowery left for work at 8:00 AM and returned home at 9:00 AM to discover that Jane was going to deliver Kim. Jane had not seen a doctor during her pregnancy so we had no idea when she would deliver. This was Lowery’s first experience of being a Midwife. After Kim was born Lowery called the local Hibbing clinic and they sent out a doctor. Under the doctor’s directions Lowery supplied scissors and string for cutting and tying off the umbilical cord, and washed the baby. When all of this was complete the doctor wanted a cup of coffee and charged $50 for the entire delivery time in our home.


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