1957-1959–Lowery and Jane in Chisholm

Lowery and Jane moved to 5th St. NW in Chisholm. Home had a sauna and four bedrooms. Home was originally built by Oscar Poyanen, who was the Buick car dealership owner.
Prayer time when we ate meals together
Christmas presents in Chisholm
Winter view of Chisholm home. Only lived here for less than two years before Hercules move Lowery to Minneapolis
Kim and Sherry dressed up for Christmas
Dad with kids ready for the Chisholm 4th of July parade
Lowery with a handful of kids
Kim got a pretty doll for Christmas present
Lowery and Jane got involved with the local community summer play
Program for the Chisholm pageant
Jane on the “warpath”
One of Corky’s first 100% spelling tests
Corky was entered in a Chisholm youth boxing club
Chisholm had a small lake in the city limits
Sherry sees something scary
Lowery’s Christmas tree farm near Side Lake, north of Chisholm. Bought 40 acres tax delinquent land for $345.00. Lowery thought growing Christmas trees would be easy money. It wasn’t!! Rennie and Doc weren’t much help at this age.
Lowery planting seedlings every 6′. Bought 3000 to 5000 every year for about 5 years
How the tree planter worked
Kim and Sherry were little helpers
Taxes are less when land is in a tree farm


Allied Van Lines move Lowery and Jane to Minneapolis in June 1959