1969 Pre-Wedding Photos

First picture Mary Ann sent Lowery before we met
Mary Ann’s visit in March, 1969. First time skiing Lutsen Mountain

Picnic lunch on Lake Superior–March 1969
Rennie skiing Lutsen Mountain–March 1969
Rennie and Doc, early skiing on Lutsen Mountain–March 1969
Corky comes back from Egypt with turban–May 1969
Rennie, Mary Ann, Doc, Corky, Lillian–May 1969
The “wild” group–May 1969
Lillian Finley–House Keeper during Lowery’s single years. A very special friend and lady–May 1969
Twins Bat Day at the old Met Stadium in Bloomington
A visit to Dad and Mom in Manistee, MI. Golden retriever “Rusty” traveled with us
Ludington, MI ferry to Manitowoc, WI–July, 1969
On board the ferry from Ludington to Manitowoc, WI
Indy 500 race in Indianapolis–Memorial weekend–First time Mary Ann had attended her hometown event
Our seat location on the race track. At the start of the race the roar of the engines really makes your hair stand on end
Our ticket to the Indy 500
A couple happy spectators at the Indy 500
Rennie and Doc check out one of the pace cars in the Indy 500 infield
New family picture with “Rusty” and “Kittie” a month before our wedding



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