Hawaii 2020

Whale breaching from Sam Choy’s

Vanda’s 65th birthday present at Sam Choy’s
Lowery, Mary Ann, Nathan, Mary Ann, Vanda at Sam Choy’s
In Kilauea Nation Park observation lookout over the recent lava flows
Nathan, Mary Lynn, Vanda’s birthday at Sam Choy’s
Mary Ann in the entrance to a lava tube near Kilauea Volcano
Mary Ann and Vanda in the lava tube near Kilauea volcano
Really good ribs at The Fish & The Hog cafe in Waimea
Botanical Garden waterfall where Mary Ann fell and fractured her wrist.
Entrance to Botanical Garden near Hilo
Last meal with Lisa and Sue—Mary Lynn, Vanda and Mary Ann
Corky and Deb ready to leave for Honolulu

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