Lowery and Mary Ann parents/grandparents/family gatherings


Grandpa John A. Smith and Grandma Margarett (Maggie) Stranchan (born April 18, 1878) Smith were married August 11, 1897.  Grandpa Smith was born August 5, 1872

Grandma Maggie Strachan Smith was always a very welcoming grandma and a good cook.  She wrote a really good Smith family history for Lowery’s high school project on October 24, 1946
Grandma Smith and Grandpa Lowery with aunt Edna and a couple of her children. Edna died of Brest cancer in her 30s. She married a Catholic which greatly upset Grandpa Lowery because of his strong Irish Protestant roots.
Grandma Smith and Grandpa Lowery in their home. They loved to watch the Detroit Tigers play baseball on TV
A family get together–John Knight (?), Mom, John Lowery, Grandma Smith, Evert Knight, Bernice Knight, Uncle Don Thompson
Mom, aunt Bernice, Grandpa Lowery, aunt Ollie, aunt Edna
Grandma Smith and Grandpa Lowery with some of their grand-kids
A very proud day when Dad got his Masters at University of South Dakota. Ben Rifle gave the commencement address at the graduation.
Mid-1950s Smith and Lowery family gathering at Roy and Ollie Keller farm–Ralph Smith, Manley Smith, Earl Grace, Grandpa Lowery and Grandma Smith
Mid-1950s Smith and Lowery family gathering–Lowery, Jane & Corky in lower right front row
Dad was a smoker until his late 40s. Maribel, Alfred and Emma Lowery, Roy Keller
Mom in a good crop of wheat on the farm Dad and Mom bought from Grandpa Lowery near Rosebush, Michigan

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