Mary Ann and Lowery Wedding–August 23, 1969

Wedding gifts–A very good day

Mary Ann and pastor comparing notes on our marriage vows
Start of wedding vows–Bogstown, Indiana Presbyterian Pastor Corbin officiated
Bob Beck and Maribel were really good friends before and after our wedding
Our marriage is sealed with a Kiss
Wedding reception line–John and Becky Palda came from Minnesota
Cutting of the wedding cake
Lowery gets fed the first piece of wedding cake
Mary Ann gets the second piece of wedding cake–Merry Rozendal is in line for her cake
Rennie is ready for his lunch and wedding cake
Raymond made the alter from stone left over from building their home
Maines family–Lowery, Mary Ann, Raymond, Marsha and John–Helen was in hospital and was unable to attend
Wedding picture–Left to right–Ted, Tim, Ann, Gingi, Merry, Maribel, Dave, Doc, Lowery, Mary Ann, Rennie, Raymond, Kenny, Mom (Anna Mae), Dad (Rennie)
Wedding picture with family
Some of the group that helped “decorate” our get away car–John Palda, Ted, Bob Beck, Dave Rozendal, Doc, Dad with Tim, Lowery, First Ann, Ken Schaffer, Bonnie and Laray
Reception line
Uncle Dale did a lot of photography but never saw any of his pictures
Our “get away car” was well decorated. Rice, streamers, etc. Got the car washed at a church fund raising event in Indianapolis
Honeymoon destination–Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. We returned several times after the Honeymoon. Best Pina Coladas ever drank
Little Dix Bay logo–It was a Rockefeller resort. There was another Rockefeller resort on St. Johns in the U.S. Virgin Islands

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