Mary Ann–Echo-Cardiogram

Monday, May 20, 2019–Mary Ann will be having an Echo-Cardiogram tomorrow at the U of M.  Her blood pressure is running very high.  She will be having some checking on an embolism on one of her arteries on the right side of her brain.  They may need to put a stint in the embolism area.  Trying to get a referral to Abbot to get that checked out.  She is functioning real well and has a good attitude.  Prayers will help as she works through this health issue.    


MRI information on Mary Ann

Friday, May 17, 2019–Sad news today.  Mary Ann had a MRI this morning and the Doctors confirmed that she had a TIA in the left side of her brain.  She noticed a numb feeling on her right cheek and right arm last Friday when we flew back from the Portland retreat “The Soul of Aging”.  The numb sensation has been reduced but is still present.

Vanda Niemi is a good friend and a neurologist has looked at the MRI results and has suggested some medication.  Vanda will be visiting us later this evening and give us more information. For now I hope the family will pray for Mary Ann.